Retail and Manufacturing

The rapidly evolving tastes of their consumers

With information being more prevalent and the modern consumer becoming increasingly market savvy, the retail and manufacturing industry is evolving at a rapid pace to serve the consumer better. While the retail and manufacturing industry has been early adopters of IT, the increasing sophistication of consumers provides compelling reasons to leverage IT to brand and capture mindshare with each consumer. Organizations are looking to optimize their supply chains, become more creative with their marketing campaigns (digital and mailers) and understand the rapidly evolving tastes of their consumers.

Siri Cybertech has developed deep expertise helping our clients by providing services and solutions across a wide spectrum, ranging from information analytics and business intelligence to supply chain management and digital media services. With a dedicated service group focused on the Retail and Manufacturing sector, we are well positioned to support you in your needs and challenges. Siri Cybertech has given us a National Account team that services us throughout the India, with a single point of contact whom we speak to for all our needs. We feel that our Siri Cybertech team truly understands what our business demands and helps us hire more effectively. VP, National Retail Chain.

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